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This podcast is here to help you  make more money as a coach.

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I am teaching you how sign clients every Wednesday!

Real Talk with Regan was created because TBH my Instagram Stories were way too long and I had a lot more to say.

You see, I was once a burnt out employee and someone who felt that they lacked purpose. Now I am CEO of my own company and I don't want to keep one secret. I created a six figure business from scratch, and now I am teaching you how to do the same every Wednesday on Real Talk with Regan. 

My intention is that with every episode you leave with a fresh perspective, action steps, and insight on how to sign more coaching clients and create your own wildly profitable coaching business. It's time for you to BINGE BABY!

Entrepreneurship requires a high tolerance for uncertainty. Many are so focused on the end goal that it is hard to find contentment and joy in the process of building a business. Katy talks with Regan about the importance of acceptance and how to appreciate each step we take on the road to success, bringing more satisfaction and happiness to your journey.

May 5, 2022

Ep 32: The Missing Piece in Your Strategy Diagnosed

Episode 31: Why The Copy and Paste Strategies Aren’t Working

Episode 30: Is it Doubt or is it Habitual Thinking?