Ready to learn how to become a full-time coach while working a demanding 9-5 job, all without the need to tirelessly hustle during every spare moment you have?

I'm Regan, and I am not your average sales coach, because I am going to teach you how to keep your business building lazy.

I am a 6 figure sales coach that helps 9-5er leave their job by building a business the lazy way, aka within your capacity. In August of 2019, I launched my coaching business; and since then, I have quit my job, generated 6 figures, became nomadic with my husband Austin, all without pushing myself to a breaking point. 

From a young age, I always felt like I had a big calling. I knew I could never settle for just working at a 9-5.

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Helping coaches sign high ticket clients with the Wealthy, Lazy CEO Sale System. Because you deserve to make money in the simplest way possible.

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Are you looking to enhance your clients' business results? I'm here to help! Experience the transformative impact of my engaging speaking engagements and guest coaching packages. Find out more about how I can support your clients by clicking here. Let's collaborate to elevate their business to extraordinary levels!

"Solution Seeker" session! This is your opportunity to reserve a single, 90-minute call solely dedicated to tackling one specific challenge that's been bothering you. We'll delve into the core of the matter, exploring it thoroughly, and collaborate to discover practical solutions. No complexities, no extra fuss—just focused problem-solving tailored to what you need.

A 6-month coaching container which I call the "You Show!" experience. Together, we'll craft a customized sales strategy that creates a stream of steady clients, defying traditional success rules. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a thriving coaching business with clarity, consistent income, and freedom!

There is more to life than worrying about where your next client 

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Who is Regan Storm and what do we stand for?

We stand for you to stop "keeping up with the Joneses" inside of the online space and finally create a coaching business where you don't force yourself into boxes, 300+ strategies, and business structures you never wanted to have in the first place.  

We combine a simple sales process + self-trust tools that will help you sign high-ticket clients in your coaching business. 

We believe that your business can run on less than 15 hours a week and still be wildly successful and profitable with our fail-proof plan.

"This was the most transforming experience I've ever had with coaching. I am not the same person I was 12 weeks ago."

Entrepreneurship requires a high tolerance for uncertainty. Many are so focused on the end goal that it is hard to find contentment and joy in the process of building a business. Katy talks with Regan about the importance of acceptance and how to appreciate each step we take on the road to success, bringing more satisfaction and happiness to your journey.

This inability to move forward and succeed is often misdiagnosed, leading to you working harder, leaving you exhausted, burnt out, and incredibly frustrated. In this episode, Regan sets the record straight about what’s really lacking in your business.

Buckle up for some straight shooting from Regan as she explains why copy-and-paste sales scripts don’t do you any favors when it comes to selling and how you can learn to sell any of your offers with confidence and ease. 

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Regan is sincerely the best coach I've worked with. She set goals for me that I didn't think were possible (spoiler alert, they were), she helped me more than I can say with mindset, and she gave me the tools I needed to seriously up-level my business. If you're on the fence, take the leap of faith and invest in yourself (and in Regan). She knows her stuff, you'll have the support you need to make your biz stand out, and the results you'll see if you're willing to put in the work will speak volumes. Working with Regan was, hands down, one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business.

Frank + Jazz 

OMG words can’t even explain! Regan feels like family now. She definitely set an atmosphere for life long friendship.Regan does a great job of getting your mindset prepared to be a CEO not just a coach! We now see ourselves as an expert is definitely our biggest win in the program. We learned how to set boundaries in our business. We learned how to think like a CEO.


I got my first clients and made 5K even before the whole darn thing started! I also raised my prices TWICE, I launched a new website that is SUPER me. I gained crazy confidence, I launched a new service, I got a client with my new prices. She helped me with my money mindset, without all this I would still be stuck, daydreaming about the day that I would "make it." I went from 0 clients  and now I have worked with 5 people.


Wow where do I even begin. Hands down one of the best investments I've ever made. I'm a really tough person to impress and I felt like coming into this I was a little optimistic from all the other things I invested in that didn't work out. The way she sells So long side hustle DOESN'T EVEN DO IT JUSTICE. I came into this thinking oh 12 weeks, here's the modules, here's the assignments but its not that AT ALL. Yes it has that structural component to it but she also coaches you, teaches you, tells you exactly how to apply it.  I think that was the thing that blew me away, was how intimate and personal the coaching process actually was!

If you've arrived here, it's a sign that coaching is calling out to you.

Feel like you're searching for the missing piece to see success in your business?

We all get into business and believe that if we just follow every step-by-step process in a course that we will be able to quit our jobs and take our coaching business full time. You know by now, that isn't the case.

So how does Regan Storm LLC solve that f*cking annoying part where business isn't a math equation?

I combine three skills: repeatable strategy so that you can become the creator of your money. Simple Energetic strategies such as surrender + manifestation. And of course, mindset, helping you create new thoughts + identity that will allow you to leave your job.

I teach my clients sales through a holistic approach and genuinely help my clients build businesses that give them freedom in their life + enough income to leave their job.

I once had a client say to me, "I thought business was going to be a math equation. I would just input a strategy and then make money."